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" It is the quality of lending over the quantity of lending" 

~Lewis Thompson


Execution is everything! Doster Capital Group offers quick, reliable and flexible lending solutions for businesses and real estate investors. As a boutique investment platform, our lending committee is made up of senior management, which reviews each loan request prior to issuing a term sheet. Once a loan is approved, our borrowers receive accessible, personalized service throughout the loan period, from the day a term sheet is issued to payoff demand.

Businesses and Commercial Real Estate Financing

A business or commercial private money loan is a good alternative to traditional bank financing. This alternative financing can be very beneficial to the borrower in many circumstances. Below are a few reasons a commercial private money loan may be appropriate for you.

  • You need a loan quickly and can’t wait the 3 to 6 months for a traditional bank loan
  • You need a “bridge Loan”
  • You do not qualify for traditional financing for whatever reason (income, tax returns, unique property, etc..)
  • Transaction not standard and therefore falls out of traditional lending parameters
  • Your credit is impaired
  • Although you may have ample equity, you or your property has liens, judgments, unpaid bills, etc. that cash is needed to resolve
  • You have ample equity in your property and need cash
  • You need business working capital (see why private money is cheaper than factoring)
  • Your property is occupied by your business, and your financials don’t tell the full story
  • You need a loan without the documentation requirements of a bank (stated loan)
  • You are trying to avoid foreclosure and restructure your debt
  • You are a foreign national
  • You need a complex loan with multiple pieces of collateral
  • You need a creative solution to a loan that doesn’t fit other lenders

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