DCP | Doster Capital Group


Doster Capital Group is a private finance company for businesses and real estate investors, headquartered in Orlando FL. We provide investors, business owners and developers with funding for real estate investment ventures. In turn, our clients are able to build their real estate portfolios and further their business empire.  Doster Capital Group is an efficient and competitive capital source . We ensure our clients are well informed of every step of the process. 

We Understand

We understand the importance of  real estate investor's need for funding because we have been investors ourselves. We know the feeling of having a good deal but no lender to fund the project. Due to strict lending guidelines. So we stepped out of the box and partnered with like minded investors that specialize in arranging private money real estate loans. We possess years of experience combined both real estate investing and private money lending.

We Collaborate

From the day we receive a loan submission, we work diligently on a client's loan request. We are eager to learn about the borrower and their investment strategies and goals. From there we approach the deal like it's our own. 

 We Deliver

We offer quick closings, minimal closing costs, basic and flexible third-party reporting requirements, with flexible prepayment provisions with the availability of non-recourse guarantees.