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Asset Based Financing

What are the advantages of Asset-Based Lending?

  • Higher Advance rate​
  • Greater Flexibility and Availability
  • No stringent financial covenants
  • Maximize borrowing capacity
  • Customized Financial Partnership
  • Rapid decision making and funding within 30 days
  • No ancillary bank products like treasury management, deposits, etc. required. We only focus on the working capital financing
  • Strong back office support with friendly and understanding staff
  • Weekly or monthly borrowing base
  • Up to 90% advance rate on A/R
  • Up to 60% advance on inventory

What will you need to qualify?

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation, if incorporated
  • Assumed name certificate if a proprietorship or partnership (some states call this a fictitious name certificate). this is usually filed with the county. if you have never filed for an assumed name, contact the office of your county.
  • Copy of an invoice which includes normal selling terms (NET 30, NET 10 EOM, ETC.).
  • If a corporation: list of corporate officers and percent of stock owned by each. be sure to indicate the secretary of the corporation.
  • Current financial statements dated and signed.
  • Partial list of customers (those which may owe over $1,000), and the approximate amount of credit required by each. please give complete addresses and phone numbers.
  • “Prospective client information”
  • If a partnership: copy of partnership agreement.
  • Copies of any contracts that might result in factored invoices.
  • If your method of operation is as a Motor Freight Carrier, Cartage Company please include the following:
    • Copies of all operating authorities.
    • Copies of all insurance binders (CARGO AND PL/PD).

Lets Get You Funded!

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